Tri-R Tooling, Inc. utilizes a wide variety of precision machining equipment to meet the unique part requirements of our customers. The utilization of CNC lathes, which are controlled electronically, provides greater ease of setting-up, operation, repeatability, and accuracy. Since, once programmed, the machine will continue to turn out parts under the supervision of the operator, the same individual can run multiple machines simultaneously. They also provide exact duplication on repeat parts needed at a later date. Our four Hurco TM-series CNC lathes allow for higher volume production turning as well as one-off part production. Currently, our maximum part dimensions compatible with our CNC lathes is 30” x 120”.

Accompanying our CNC lathes we also still maintain a selection of the inherently versatile, manual lathes. Utilized for a wide range of applications with a broad variety of materials, our manual lathes are used regularly. The largest manual lathe on our shop floor is 22”x120” with a 32” swing over gap.