Wire EDM

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Wire Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) is a non-contact, force free industrial cutting process. A thin single strand wire electrode is guided by a CNC robotic system. With an electric current run through the wire, a spark of intense heat is created. The electrical spark then cuts the electrically conductive materials, such as metal, carbide, alloy, and graphite without the wire actually touching it. Hardened materials can also be wire cut, thus eliminating the possible part distortion of post-machine heat-treating. This process allows for burr-free manufacturing with low stress on the material and since wire is constantly replenished, the elimination of tool wear provides superior consistency for the parts manufactured.

Tri-R Tooling houses two Wire EDMs in their designated climate controlled EDM room. These being a Mitsubishi DWC90C and the newest addition, a Mitsubishi MD+PRO III Submergible with an 8” height clearance.